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Last year, I bought a chicken coop that was made by someone that I love dearly and decided to raise some chickens. Well... we'll see how this quest develops as Spring fades into Summer and the chicks arrive in early June! Check out my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/fbideas for the most recent videos I've posted!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buff Chantecler Chicks - Canadian x 2

Chanteclers are the first-ever Canadian breed, and were developed for good egg and meat production and hardiness even in the coldest of winters.  Toward that end, they're on the chunky side with extra-small combs and wattles.

The way these two chicks are huddled together, it looks like it was cold when they had their photo's taken!

Since my ancestry is from Canada, I couldn't resist seeing how these chicks will  grow up!  I wonder if they'll chirp or converse in French?  Could get interesting around the chicken coop.

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