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Last year, I bought a chicken coop that was made by someone that I love dearly and decided to raise some chickens. Well... we'll see how this quest develops as Spring fades into Summer and the chicks arrive in early June! Check out my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/fbideas for the most recent videos I've posted!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google is my friend, and so is YouTube.

When I started looking for baby chicks, I wanted to make sure that whatever breeds I chose wouldn't die during the winter because NH winter's can be brutal.  Of course, there's no guarantee in life either theirs or mine, so the best I could do was look for "cold hearty" breeds.  Sounds logical doesn't it?

Google is my friend, and so is YouTube. I was amazed when I started searching on different keywords and phrases how much information is out there!  Blogs, videos, video blogs, emails, research papers and on and on.  I have to admit, I'm STILL researching!  I think that's part of the fun, looking and planning and telling others about what you're doing.  The other thing that is amazing to me is that other people are REALLY interested in what I've found <grin>.

So I think my next few posts will be which chicks will be arriving in a few months, and why I chose them.  What are they supposed to look like as chicks and when they grow up.

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